Beauty is everywhere / La belleza está en todos lados

Can you imagine where  this picture has been taken? Well, an abandoned lot full of trash and grass!!!  I could not even walk in that place, but I saw the opportunity, the evening was beautiful, lot of light… Have you ever felt like everythng around you looks ugly ? feeling like your life has no meaning. Well, […]


Are you the kind of person who always say “I wish…” “I would like…” “Wish I could start my own business…” . Its so good and pretty to have dreams and everything starts with a dream. But time passes.. and you still want the same things… same dreams.. same wishes! you feel stuck… or too […]

Isabel & Alex

Una de las cosas mas bellas en la vida es poder dar vida a un ser, ser madre y pasar por esa etapa donde pasan millones de cosas en nuestra mente y todos esos cambios en nuestro cuerpo… es cuando mas consientes estamos de nuestro ser, salud y emociones!  Una mujer embarazada siempre luce hermosa, […]